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Director Credential Course

How much does this course cost?

The course is $595 and includes the 5 day course, the credential and all materials needed during the class. All DFW classes will be held at one of our Early Care and Education STEM Station in Flower Mound, Texas.

Is this class recognized by child care licensing?

Yes, we are recognized by licensing and we are on the list located on licensing's web site under Early Care and Education.

Will this class make me director qualified?

Yes, per minimum standards, under director qualifications, this course meets number 6 on the list, A Administrators Credential offered by an approved organization. Candidates will need to have 2 years experience in a licensed facility to be designated as a director. If someone has less than 2 years experience, they can apply for a waiver with child care licensing.

After taking this class, what is my next step in order to get my director's license?

After you complete our course, you will then need to be designated a director with a licensed facility. The permit holder will fill out a director designee form. Licensing will ask you to complete a Personal History Statement. You will submit your credential, your Personal History Statement, and the Designee form to your local licensing rep and they will issue the license. There is no fee for this. Please refer to the child care minimum standards for more information.

Does this credential expire?

Yes. Under the Texas Penal Code, all Administrator's Credentials expire. There is not such thing as a non-expiring Director or Administrator's Credential. Our credential is valid for 2 years. After 2 years, you will complete the renewal application (located on this web site). You will mail in the completed application and all documentation requested and a $50 renewal fee back to us. We will then issue another credential good for another 2 years. You may also attend the Director 2.0 Advanced Course to renew.

Must I attend all 5 days?

YES, failure to attend all 5 days could disqualify you and we may not issue your credential.

Can I take the Director Credential Course Online?

Our DCC Schedule indicates which sessions are in-person or instructor-led on Zoom.

Where are classes held?

All in-person Director Credential Courses are held at Flower Mound Early Care and Education STEM Station.

What is covered in the 5 day class?

Please refer to the DIRECTOR CREDENTIALS tab for a complete course description. Below is a brief breakdown of what is covered:

  • Monday - Role of the director, Federal, State and Local Regulatory Agencies, Cost of Care, and employment laws and hiring practices
  • Tuesday - Complete overview of minimum standards, including current legal trends, custody issues, health and safety concerns
  • Wednesday - Parent policies and handling significant events
  • Thursday - Building professional relationships with parents, parent communication, getting parents involved in your program, and maintaining quality
  • Friday - Employment policies, termination procedures, performance improvement plans, review of the class, and a TEST.

Should I be concerned about the test on Friday?

NO!!! the test is an overview of what we learn throughout the week. The test is open book, open partner, open phone, open instructor... Tym will not let you leave on Friday until you are successful with your test.

Can I take the class even if I do not need a credential?

Absolutely!! More than half of our participants take the class as a refresher. You will earn 35 hours of management training for taking the class.

Will I need additional college credits or a degree to be director qualified once I take this course?

NO, this course will make you director qualified. Please refer to the minimum standards and the chart for director qualifications. This course is number 6 on the list. You only have to meet one of the seven items listed on this list.

How do I register for the class?

Click the DIRECTOR CREDENTIALS tab in the main menu. Scroll down about half way and you will see the DCC terms and a blue "Register Here" button. We prefer registration to be done online.

Do I have to pay for the course when I enroll?

Yes. payment must be received before your registration is complete. Since most classes sell out, payment must be received before your name is put on the list.


How does our CDA program work?

We offer our CDA program as a self paced course.

Does ECETC issue the CDA?

NO! No matter where you take a CDA course, through us, campfire, a college, or where ever, the process is all the same. The only people who issue the CDA is the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, DC. What we (and everyone else) offer is the 120 hours are required training in the 8 core areas needed to apply for your CDA. When you enroll in our class, we will give you 120 hours of training. We will help build your professional resource file, we will help you find a qualified PD Specialist to complete a formal observation on you, and we will assist  you with your parent questionnaires. Once all of the above is completed, you will apply for your CDA with the council. Please visit www.cdacouncil.org or more information.

What is the cost of the CDA course and what does it include?

The cost is $409 per candidate. This includes access to our course and the Essential's Text Book.

How do I register for the CDA class?

Registration for the CDA is done online at www.tymthetrainer.com. Click 'CDA Class Information' under the TRAININGS menu tab.

CDA vs Director Credential

What is the difference between a CDA and the Director Credential?

HUGE GIAGANTIC DIFFERENCE. Many people get these two credentials confused. The best way to describe this is a CDA is for classroom teachers and the director credential is for managers. A CDA WILL NOT get you director qualified. You will also need management hours to be director qualified with a CDA. The director credential is a ALL IN ONE package. Once you complete the director credential course, the only other qualification you will need is experience.

Online Trainings

How to I complete online trainings?

  • Visit www.tymthetrainer.com and click 'Online Trainings' in the TRAININGS menu tab.
  • Choose the course you would like to take.
  • Click the blue 'PURCHASE' button to register for the course.
  • Read over the material or watch the video depending on the course.
  • When complete, your certificate will be available for download.

How long does it take to get my certificate?

  • Many of our course worksheets are multiple choice format and are graded immediately. With a passing grade, the certificate will be available for immediate download.
  • Other course worksheets require written participant responses and are graded by Tym. Tym strives to review all trainings within 24 hours, but may take up to 72 hours. You will receive an email when your worksheet has been graded.
  • You can also access your certificates and training history on our website. Log into our website training portal. Click the 'MY PORTAL' tab on the main menu. And then click 'My Trainings'.

Training Cruise

How much does the cruise cost?

The prices change daily based on Carnivals rates. Lezlie, our Corporate Office Manager and Cruise Expert, will need to look on the booking engine for current prices.

What is included in the cruise?

Your cost includes the cruise, your stateroom, food, non-alcoholic and non-soda beverages. The only cost you will have is for sodas, alcohol, gambling, souvenirs, gratuities, and your excursions. The training we provide is free.

How do I book?

All bookings for the training cruise must be done through ECETC. You must call our office and speak to Lezlie to book.

What will need to book?

We will need your full legal name, birth date, phone number, catagory of cabin requested, email address, and deposit made with a credit or bank card. We cannot hold or reserve cabins without the above information and the deposit.

Do I need a passport?

Passports are STONGLY recommended for all cruises. If it is a closed port cruise, a certified birth certificate is valid with a picture ID. Must be a certified birth certificate with a raised seal. Hospital birth certificates are not valid.




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